On the 21st November, 2019, a Canadian and an Australian living in Gothenburg, Sweden, purchased a 2010 Opel Movano with the intention of converting it into a home on wheels. With her distinctive whine (which we were told is harmless…), the Movano quickly earned the nickname Moaning Myrtle, and thus she came to life as our future home on wheels.

Having spent the last few years with the dream of joining the van life scene, we are stoked to be on this journey and to be building something from scratch. Neither of us have ever worked on a project this big and between us we have very little experience in building… well, anything… But armed with a healthy supply of determination, falafelrulle, a few beers and countless hours of Taylor Swift, 80’s rock, Country and Synthwave, we are slowly making some progress.

Needless to say we would never have been able to without hours upon hours watching YouTube videos and reading blogs. We have learnt a hell of a lot from others, most of whom we have never even met! A big shout out to Greg Virgoe, whose workmanship and attention to detail is second to none. Much of the work involved to get the ball rolling was based on Greg’s videos, and we are very grateful for everything that he has shared. Another shout out to the guys and girls at Mikrofabriken for letting us use their machines and for all their advice (and answering our stupid questions).