Whether you are on the road for a couple of days, weeks or even months, it is always good to have some games with you to entertain you along the way. This page lists some of our favourites!

At the beach

BeeryBall / Beer Baseball

Two players, drinking game

For this you need a Swedish Brännboll set and from it you will need the baseball bat, tennis ball, three pegs and the home base plate. Set up the home base plate and the pegs in the usual diamond shape at the desired distance apart. Keep in mind that the batter needs to run around the entire diamond in one hit so don’t make it too big! Five large steps between each peg is a good starting distance. The batter cracks open a full can of beer and places it on the home plate, then faces up in front of the plate as per regular baseball stance. The pitcher will take position in the middle of the diamond, in line with the two East/West pegs or at an agreed distance. The pitcher then pitches the ball underarm to the batter and the battle must try to hit it as far as possible. Depending on the beach, you may want to set exclusion zones such as the water and the sand dunes, but that’s up to you! If the ball is hit in play then the batter must run around the diamond, around the outside of each peg and return to home and upon return the batter must pick up their beer off the plate and start chugging. Meanwhile the pitcher must retrieve the ball and run to the batter, whether they are at home or still running around the diamond, and tap them out. Once tapped out the batter and pitcher switch and the game continues. First one to finish their beer wins!

Board games


2 – 4 players

BoardGameGeek Link

A fun and challenging co-op game that pits 2 – 4 players against four different viruses that are trying to wipe out humanity! Three different levels of difficulty, with the hardest needing an almost perfect game to beat. Quick learning curve and each game only takes about 45 minutes to complete.


1 – 5 players

BoardGameGeek Link

OK, the synopsis of this one sounds pretty lame, but bare with us because it is a lot of fun! It is a resource collecting game where the aim is to build up as many points as possible by collecting the most valuable birds into your wildlife preserve. There are various methods of gaining points and various different strategies you can take, making for some challenging, competitive and fun games. You will learn a lot too, since each bird card contains an interesting fact! Don’t take out word for it though, check the link above to see the positive reviews! Games generally take around 90 minutes to complete.