Southern Sweden – Karlskrona

We wanted to camp inland after Öland so that we could do some much needed washing. We found a great spot near a lake in the middle of a forest. After setting up we decided to explore a little and went for a hike through the woods. After some backcountry trekking we met up with a gravel road and decided to walk back along that. We ran into an older couple on a quad bike who gave us a nod and continued on their way.

Once we were back at the van, about to get dinner started, the couple pulled up to our side door unexpectedly. They started in Swedish, but not quite understanding them Tom asked if he could repeat in English.

The Swede replied shaking his head, “No.” A moment later, “Well, yeah, kind of, a little.” Then he proceeded to laugh a little and tell us in perfect English that this was a private area.

We packed up and headed south to find a spot to camp outside of Karlskrona. On the way to our camping spot, we witnessed an absolutely stunning sunset. Coming over a bridge to an island, the entire water was lit up a fiery red, with a streak of white & yellow reflecting the sun. We have been so lucky to witness gorgeous sunsets every night, but this one was the most breath-taking of our trip. Unfortunately, none of our photos did it justice so you will just have to take our word for it!

We camped on an island south east of Karlskrona just on the water. Tom cooked up some delicious burgers, and we had a good nights rest.

In Karlskrona we went to the island Stumholmen, a formerly owned by the Navy and now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We enjoyed lunch in the sun next to the lighthouse.

This island is home to the Marinmuseum. We said that we would take a “quick peak” because it was a free museum… 2.5 hours later… We had learnt a lot. First, that Tom’s head can fit into a mini cannon. Second, that most surgeons on board did more harm than good. Third, that the Swedes aren’t huge fans of the Danes. There was an interactive video game, for children, where you must shoot the cannon balls at a passing ship with a Danish flag to destroy it. Start ’em young!

We wandered to the center square of Karlskrona, got some and caught up on some blog posts. We finished off with some delicious ice cream.

The search for our next free-camping spot was on. Three attempts later we finally settled into a spot at 22:30 just north of Åhus, not far from the beach 🙂

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