Southern Sweden – Tiveden National Park

Tom rose “early” because he heard that the early bird catches the worm…but apparently it does not apply for fish. After Jamie woke up, she made her way down to the water to have a dip and some nice coffee. As she emerged from the path to the lake, she saw Tom’s thermal hanging in the tree but thought nothing of it at the time. She found him fishing and still no bites (same as all weekend…). But he did make her (and Lovisa’s) morning with some hilarious news. The rocks into the lake had a bit of a steep slope going in. All last night we kept picturing one of us sliding in. Turns out Tom slid in while trying to wash his hands this morning getting his hiking shoes and pants soaked! We were disappointed that we missed it…

Anyway, we went for a refreshing dip, enjoyed some coffee, attempted to fish some more before taking off to Tiveden National Park in search of a hike. There are nine hiking trails around the national park and since we were looking something along the lines of a day hike we went for the Trehörningsrundan trail (9.5 km) around Lake Stora Trehörningen. The website says six hours, but it took us about 4 hours including roughly an hour stopping for some food.

It was a gorgeous walk covering a variety of landscapes, from rocky areas, sandy shores, wetlands to old-growth forests. The path was also surrounded by blueberry bushes, so we feasted along the way.


On to our next free-camping spot

Luckily, a gorgeous spot on the east coast of Lake Vättern (the second largest lake in Sweden) not far from the town of Nykyrka was waiting for us.

After settling in, Jamie tried our brand new fancy washing machine with our trusty biodegradable soap for the first time. It was a success! (Thank goodness… We don’t know what we would have done for three weeks without washing).

We enjoyed a beautiful sunset by the campfire on the beach with great company, wine, cheese and crackers (sounds pretty classy eh!). We had a delicious freeze dried chilli bean mix and a curry mix shared between the four of us. Of course, we finished the night with roasted marshmellows over the fire 🙂

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  1. Sounds and looks a memorable maiden roadtrip! Making us all very envious over here, in the midst of a corona winter.
    The Tuffins were never very successful fishermen, not for want of trying, though Rich did have success catching tuna recently. Never give up!
    Are you using the soap for everything? Sounds like a camping must- have.

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