Southern Sweden – The Maiden Road Trip!

Well, it came down to the wire but finally we have Myrtle ship-shape and ready for the maiden road trip! This is not to say the conversion is complete… far from it. We have much more work to do but most of it is aesthetics which will be tended to later. For now, we are stoked to have all the vital components installed so we can enjoy a few weeks off travelling gorgeous Southern Sweden in our creation.

The weeks leading up to our deadline, Friday July 31st, were pretty hectic. We had plans to visit a friend’s summer house this weekend which also coincided with the beginning of a month long vacation for both of us, so we wanted this day to be the start of a road trip around Southern Sweden. At the beginning of the day on Friday we were still lacking functional plumbing, the second leisure battery was not installed and the electrical components were not sealed and protected enough to Tom’s liking. Luckily he had the day off so he dashed around madly to various stores, picking up the required components and by about 5PM that day we had working plumbing, the second battery was installed and the final touches to the electrical were complete. Jamie got home at around 7.30PM after a long day at work and we got stuck into the packing (things for our entire mobile home), finally setting off at around 10PM.

We made our way north towards the beautiful Lysekil kommun where one of our good friends has a family summer home. We arrived just before midnight and were greeted by a dozen or so of our good friends. The next couple of days were spent in fantastic company, great weather and good vibes. A perfect start to our summer vacation!

On Sunday August 2nd we set off from Lysekil with our friends Myles and Lovisa in tow and made our way to the midlands on a 3.5 hour drive, aiming for a spot the free camp near Tiveden National Park. After picking up supplies along the way we found a cosy little spot on a peninsula on the north west side of Lake Vättern. We managed to find a large flat area at the end of a long side road with enough space for Myrtle and to pitch a tent. It was very much secluded from any major roads or houses and we were less than 50m from the water where we could setup a campfire and swim.

We attempted a little bit of fishing, but unfortunately no bites 🙁 Good thing we picked up supplies to cook up some delicious pesto tortellini! We ended the day building up a nice little camp fire, roasting smores late into the night and playing board games in myrtle on our new table:)

So far no issues with Myrtle! Not only was the trip a vacation and a break from the conversion, but it was also a test run to see how everything functions and what needs to be added/removed/changed. The next couple of weeks will allow us to evaluate the build!

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