Sound Proofing

Before starting to insulate the van, we needed to sound proof the walls to get rid of any rattling or tin-like sounds, especially when we would be driving. After doing some research, we decided to go with Silent Coat Sound Deadening 2mm Compact Sheets. To install these, we needed:

  • Microfiber cleaning cloth
  • All-purpose cleaning spray
  • Hair dryer (…Swedish winters!)
  • Small paint roller

Step 1. Do the calculations
We ordered 30 x sheets, and each sheet is 187 x 250 mm based on a completely rough calculation of the van panels. For the larger panels in the van we calculated one sheet, and for the smaller panels we figured we could cut the sheet in half.

With lots of research and plenty of Youtube videos, we concluded that the roof of the van wouldn’t require any sound deadening as it already has the ridges to deal with this issue.

Step 2. Cleaning
Got those gloves on, sprayed all the chemicals and wiped off the grime and grease from the walls.

Step 3. Installing the sound deadening mats
Because we live in Sweden, and it is February, the walls and the sound deadening mats were too cold to install properly. So, we got a little creative. Here is where the hair dryer comes in. I heated up the center of the panel, roughly the size of the mat, for about ~30 seconds and then heated up the mat until it was warm to the touch. The mat became much more malleable when it was heated up and that made it easy to stick and to mold to the curve of the van. Right after sticking the heated mat in the center of the panel, I used the paint roller and glided it from the center out to each corner while still applying heat to remove any bubbles. Check it out –

Then we finished it off for the rest of the van!

One tip:
I figured it out half way through, but removing the foam part from the foam roller made it way easier to roll out the bubbles, just using the metal bit!

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