We Bought a Van!

So today, after many months of searching, we finally bought our van! Thanks to Anders and son over at Tjänstebils Experten for introducing us to our 2010 Opel Movano, who we have nicknamed Moaning Myrtle given her occasional, but distinctive “moan”. Aside from being in good condition mechanically and visually, Myrtle ticks off most of the requirements we were looking for when buying a van for this build:

  • Large but still can fit into a regular parking space
  • Summer + winter tyres
  • High enough ceiling so Tom can stand up
  • Long enough so Tom can sleep
  • ….Now more importantly Jamie’s needs:
    • Cool cup-holders
    • Seat warmer
    • Her feet can touch the ground in the passenger seat
    • Silver colour!

Now comes the real challenge; building our home on wheels! Over the next few weeks we will begin by touching up a few rust spots inside and outside the van and stripping out the existing wall, floor and ceiling. After that, we start the build!

Stay tuned!

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